Project Description

Wood Therapy Body Sculpting


Wood Therapy Body Sculpting


Indulgence for body and mind.

Wood tools and vacuum cups are used to shape and tone the body. These combined methods help to reduce the look of wrinkles, cellulite, stubborn fat, as well as drain the lymphatic system.

Wood Therapy Body Sculpting Treatment areas include:

  • Wooden Tools to perform massage,
  • Vacuum Cups for Suction,
  • and Lymph Drainage.


Is an alternative medicine where cups are placed on the skin to create suction.

Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage is a gentle massage that pushes Lymph fluid around the body, helping with stagnation and inflammation. This practice is used to remove waste and toxins from the body.

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“ We need touch, but most importantly we need conscious touch, a moment when somebody is connecting with us skin to skin and is also aware that this is happening.”

Mary O'Mally, Belonging to Life

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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